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Longkou Wuyang Electronics Co., Ltd National consultation hotline : 0535-8515637

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phone:18654907731 13953556682

Address:No.16, Shangmao Street, Huangcheng Alley (South), Longkou City, Shandong Province.

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  • Characteristic description;
    Microcomputer chip control; microcomputer control technology, can prevent the strong magnet to enter the store, so as to effectively eliminate the magnetic degaussing and cannot be detected by the phenomenon, to minimize the loss.
    Adopting the microcomputer chip control technology, according to the environmental setting sensitivity, convenient and flexible operation.
    With the automatic monitoring of environmental function, through a reduction, enables the device to operate in the optimum state
    With the number and frequency of alarm function of statistics, and the data can be saved, even if the power is not lost
    The design of human nature: anti-theft door appearance, elegant generous, full of modern flavor; strong abrasion resistance, no deformation; flame retardant engineering materials
    Synthetic sensitivity: using electromagnetic anti-theft technology, small blind area, comprehensive sensitivity in 98% above
    Green environmental protection; product output power is only 6W, with ultra low frequency electromagnetic wave detection technology,, no radiation on the human body, no pollution to the environment, more than 10 years of service life.
    Quality assurance; in line with national standards, for six consecutive years by ISO; 9001 international quality certification.
    Additional optional functions;
    The set RS485 communication technology, the log can be input into the computer management, and the interface and functionality in accordance with customer requirements can be set
    Technical parameters:
    Adapt to:

    It is suitable to the library, bookstore, audio-visual shops and various types of printed materials and audio-visual products anti-theft, anti-theft magnetic stripe is installed in the books inside the gap, good concealment, easy operation, low cost.
    It is suitable to drugs supermarket, medicine box into a 6CM-8CM strip, can effectively control drug loss, for aluminum foil, aluminum foil packing drugs also have a protective effect.
    Suitable for clothing stores, clothing is hard to sign or the clothing box on a magnetic stripe, can solve the problem of loss of clothing.
    Suitable for supermarkets and department stores, cosmetics, food supermarket, supermarket goods into a magnetic stripe or in commodity packaging with a magnetic stripe, can achieve the anti-theft purpose, liquid commodities can use plastic magnetic strip is arranged in the liquid inside, with better concealment. Mobile phone, MP3, mobile hard disk, notebook computer can be effectively guaranteed.
  • Name: SJX - type intelligent anti magnetic anti-theft device
    Working voltage: AC: 220V + 20%, 50Hz
    Work environment: - 10 to 40 DEG C
    Material: high resin material
    Detection of strip length: cobalt-based tape over 5cm
    Monitor height: 1700mm
    Monitoring width: single path 800 -900 dual path 1600-1800( mm )
    Dimensions: 1450 x 620 x 40 ( mm )
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