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Longkou Wuyang Electronics Co., Ltd National consultation hotline : 0535-8515637

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phone:18654907731 13953556682

Address:No.16, Shangmao Street, Huangcheng Alley (South), Longkou City, Shandong Province.

Security Channel
  • SJX-M2 Luxurious Type Antimagnetic Anti-theft System: magnetic detection function is added on the basis of preventing theft of drugs. Since when the magnet reaches certain intensity, the magnetic permeability maybe damaged so that the magnetic stripe may lose its alarming function. Antimagnetic Anti-theft Apparatus will alarm when someone passes the anti-theft path with magnet by effectively avoiding the stealing behavior with magnet.

    ◇ applicable to libraries, bookstores, shops and all kinds of audio-visual and audio-visual materials printed theft, anti-theft magnetic gap in a book, the hidden nature of good, easy-to-use and low cost.
    ◇ apply to drug stores, into a port in the magnetic stripe 6CM-8CM can effectively control the loss of drugs, for aluminum foil, tin foil security equipment has a protective effect on the same drugs.
    ◇ apply to clothing stores, clothing hard to fit on the sign or placed in a box mounted magnetic stripe suit, you can solve the problem of lost clothes.
    ◇ applicable department stores, cosmetic stores, food supermarkets, where the goods into a magnetic stripe or in the package of goods posted a magnetic strip, you can achieve the purpose of anti-theft devices, liquid products can be used in a liquid plastic magnetic strip inside the , the better hidden. Cell phone, MP3, mobile hard drives, laptops, etc. have been effectively protected.

    Features description:
    ◇ magnetic compatibility: compatible with all types of security EAS magnetic stripe, can be monitored over the magnetic stripe 6CM.
    ◇ channel width: the use of magnetic stripe, the channel can be achieved from the 80-90CM, the use of hard tags from the channel to reach 100-120CM.
    ◇ comprehensive sensitivity: the use of electromagnetic anti-theft technology, the small blind, integrated in more than 98% sensitivity.
    ◇ stability: the stability of high-performance equipment, anti-electronic jamming ability, the general effect of electronic noise immune, the aluminum foil, foil packaging of goods also have protection. ◇ dual alarm; When magnetizing the magnetic stripe through the monitoring channel, the sound and lighting system provides a warning signal double; adjustable alarm volume set the size and duration.
    ◇ The number of statistics: the number with the cumulative function of the day can generate traffic, traffic statistics function.
    ◇ be composed of multi-channel; available on-line composition of the needs of three-channel, four-channel and five channels.
    Green ◇: Product output power of only 6W, in line with the ultra-low frequency electromagnetic wave detection technology, the human body without radiation, no pollution to the environment, more than 10 years service life.
    ◇ quality assurance: in line with national standards for eight consecutive years through the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification.

    Additional matching functions:
    1, standby system design: The system can be set up infra-red triggered alarm device, in the absence of infra-red signal to cut off, the system does not trigger the alarm.
    2. Computer networking: computer networking can generate the same day and the historical flow, flow, statistical analysis. With line communication function, remote control can be implemented with storage, statistics and print functions.
  • Name: SJX-M2 Luxurious Type Antimagnetic Anti-theft System
    Voltage: AC: 220V ± 20%, 50Hz
    Working environment: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
    Material: Acrylic
    The detected tag' s length:60mm(minimum)
    Magnetic detection: ≥1500 Gauss
    A high degree of monitoring: 1750mm
    Monitoring width: 900 (mm)
    Size: 1600 × 395 × 25 (mm)
    Weight: single path 48kg, dual path 72kg
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