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Longkou Wuyang Electronics Co., Ltd National consultation hotline : 0535-8515637

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Address:No.16, Shangmao Street, Huangcheng Alley (South), Longkou City, Shandong Province.

Security Channel
  • The anti-theft access control adopts pure acrylic material, carefully carved, crystal transparent, with good fluidity and strong transparency effect. With accurate alarm rate and high detection rate

    Mode:SJX-M06 type

    Brand:Wu Yang

    Function:Books with magnetic stripes that have not undergone desensitization processing will emit sound and light alarms when passing through anti-theft doors

    Scope of application: Suitable for libraries, bookstores, audiovisual stores, and pharmacies. Anti theft measures for cosmetics stores and various products. The anti-theft magnetic strip has a specification of 4 * 60mm and a thickness of 0.3mm. It has good concealment and is easy to operate.

  • 1、 Technical parameters:

    Input voltage: AC: 220V ± 10%, 50Hz

    Output voltage: AC: dual 15V, single 5V

    Working environment: -10 ℃~40 ℃

    Materials: Pure acrylic carving

    Whole machine power: ≤ 35W

    Antenna power: ≤ 5W

    Magnetic stripe detection: above 4cm

    Digital signal processing method

    Adjustment method: Digital adjustment (CPU processing)

    Monitoring height: 1800mm

    Monitoring distance: 900mm-1000mm

    Antenna specification: 1500 × five hundred and forty × 25mm (customizable)

    Detecting magnetic stripes: Above 4,5cm

    Alarm form: sound, light

    Installation method: Bottom plate type, wire groove type, embedded type

    Weight: Single channel 50KG Dual channel 70KG

    2、 Additional optional features:

    ◇ Strong magnet monitoring function: When a magnet larger than 1500 Gauss enters the channel, the device emits an audible and visual alarm.

    ◇ Remote alarm control: Optional alarm sound remote control is available. When the staff is far away from the workbench, the volume of the alarm can be remotely controlled

    ◇ Bidirectional statistics of the number of people: Equipped with the function of counting the number of people entering and exiting, the display screen can be selected to be installed on the anti-theft door or on the host

    ◇ Can be equipped with gate linkage function: More effective export management

    3、 Characteristic description

    ◇ Magnetic stripe compatibility: Compatible with various EM safety magnetic stripes,.

    ◇ Anti interference and anti shielding: It has anti interference ability for electronic noise and anti shielding effect for products packaged with aluminum foil and tin foil.

    ◇ Alarm form: When an undeciphered item approaches the channel, the device immediately emits an audible and visual alarm.

    ◇ Can form multiple channels: Online can form three channels, four channels, five channels, etc.

    ◇ Green and energy-saving: The antenna power is less than 5W, which is energy-saving and has a service life of more than 10 years

    ◇ Quality assurance: Since 2002, we have continuously passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification. Passed the inspection by the Quality Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security.

    4、 Installation regulations

    1. Provide a dedicated power socket at the management desk and connect it to a ground wire.

    2. There should be no large area of metal within one meter of the detection door. If the library door is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, it should be about 50cm away from the front and back of the anti-theft door. The specific distance should be based on on-site measurement. Subject to not affecting the operation of the anti-theft device.

    3. The distance between the detection door and the anti-theft host should be two meters away.

    4. Installation form:

    ① Pipeline pre embedding: PVC pipes with a pre embedded diameter of 25-50mm are used.

    ② Cutting the ground: After inserting the shielding wire, ensure that the ground is level with the metal U-shaped groove. And ensure that there is no leakage or collapse of the line.

    ③ Arc shaped metal cable tray: Ensure that the cable tray is cleaned before being pasted on the ground and can be fixed, and align the cable tray direction with the two anti-theft antennas in an I-shaped pattern.

    ④ Base type: Connect the shielded wires in an orderly manner and insert them into the base slot, and ensure that the adhesive tape is flat to prevent damage to the connecting wires during device sliding.

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